• Code compliancy – a clearer future for construction product information

    The Construction Products Association’s Marketing Integrity Group Chair, Adam Turk, explains how the new Code for Construction Product Information will help to make things clearer for building engineers.
  • Feeling the heat – getting on board with Part L1A

    Building Engineer speaks to Andy Mitchell, Director of Energy Services at Stroma, about how the new Part L1A document signals the start of a new era in net-zero carbon-ready dwellings.
  • At what cost

    CHAS, supply chain risk management experts, add up the importance of contractor health and safety in the construction industry.
  • Skills shortage

    Boss Training and the CIC note that there are ways to minimise disruption to business in the post-Brexit exodus, including upskilling workers and utilising apprenticeships.
  • Room for wellbeing

    Elaine Knutt explores the science of building when the heating, lighting, ventilation and acoustic needs of the occupants are considered.
  • Climate of change

    With climate change now widely recognised as a clear and present threat, there’s a growing consensus that a financially justifiable, low-energy path is the best route to a sustainable future. But what does this really mean?