• BIM benefits

    Gary Pattison, Certification Technical Expert – BIM & Digital Construction at BSI notes the challenges and benefits of digital transformation.
  • Space for change

    PROTO: The Emerging Technology Centre, Gateshead won best extension in CABE’s Built Environment Awards, and here’s why.
  • Off the grid

    Advances in information sharing technology are enabling good use of digital data to support construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Testing your metal

    Innovative and affordable technologies have enabled deployment of the UK’s first remote monitoring system for galvanic cathodic protection (CP) applications.
  • Digital stream

    93% of people in the construction and building industry say that digital affects every part of the build process from buying products to the development and construction stage, so how is that manifesting in real terms?
  • Going underground

    “Subterranean space is significant – it is a good use of unusable space close to the data source and is effectively invisible."
  • Future gazing

    The University of Bath has an innovative way to use virtual reality to find out how people interact with buildings.
  • The second machine age

    CABE Technical Director Richard Harral considers the impact of rapid technological change on the role of the building engineer.