• A stitch in time

    The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) says significant time and money can be saved on building projects by adapting technical drawings to include specific instructions for Building Energy Management System (BEMS) companies.
  • Engineering for people

    Engineers Without Borders UK has launched its 2020/21 Engineering for People Design Challenge in partnership with Engineers Without Borders South Africa and Engineers Without Borders USA.
  • Training for industry

    The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has announced a new partnership with Accredex, e-learning and accreditation, to provide training courses for industry professionals.
  • Within the law

    The Competitions and Markets Authority has announced, along with the Institute of Risk Management, the release of the updated Competition Law Risk Guide.
  • Building a Safer Future Charter – CABE Becomes a Registered Signatory

    Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) is pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter.
  • Green award for Durakerb

    Durakerb, sustainable road kerb made from recycled plastic that featured in the January issue of Building Engineer, has been awarded the Certification for Highway Products and Systems under the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS).
  • MC Roadmap To Recovery

    Inspired by the Construction Leadership Council’s Roadmap to Recovery.
  • "Must try harder"

    Is the En+ Group’s response to the London Metal Exchange’s (LME) consultation.
  • Opportunity knocks

    The UK’s construction activity rose sharply in September, according to the IHS Markit/CIPS PMI data, bringing hope for new jobs. 
  • Homes of the future

    September’s NHBC Foundation report The Future for Home Heating - life without fossil fuels explores the implications of designing and building low-energy homes, in particular, what life without the gas boiler is going to look like.
  • Immune Building Standard

    Liviu Tudor, President of the European Property Federation, has studied infection control measures in hospitals and created an open source platform for assessing and improving a building’s operations in response to Covid-19.
  • Open Source Wood Challenge

    Architecture students participating in EASA 2020 (the European Architecture Student Assembly’s two-week summer workshop) were challenged to create a concept for a wooden multi-storey building using the elements and module designs available on opensourcewood.com.
  • Schoolz Out winner

    The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) has announced the winner of its Schoolz Out competition, which challenged school pupils to design an energy-saving product or initiative for their school that uses an element of control to save energy.
  • Setting the Bar

    Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy three years ago, work has been ongoing to raise standards across building safety.
  • Green recovery agenda

    The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) re-appoints Lord Best as President and welcomes Graham Wright from Daikin and Russell Dean from Mitsubishi Electric as Vice Presidents.
  • Are green jobs at risk from new standards?

    An official consultation on proposed new technical standards for retrofitting the UK’s offices, factories, hotels and other commercial buildings for improved energy efficiency is experiencing push-back from professional energy assessors.
  • University partnership

    Scotland’s Kingdom Housing Association is celebrating the first year of an innovative industry partnership with the University of Stirling formed to improve the employability of Housing Studies students.
  • Written Statement: Building Safety Funding in Wales

    On 23 October 2020, Julie James MS, Minister of Housing and Local Government at the Welsh Government, published a Written Statement entitled Building Safety Funding in Wales.
  • Welcome

    As I write this in September the future is once again looking uncertain with a resurgence in Covid-19 infections – and by the time you read this in November, America may (or may not) have a new President, with all of the implications for the global economy that brings. The pace of change around us all is accelerating and it can be disorientating.
  • New Chairman of ACAI

    Kevin Blunden FCABE, Chartered Building Engineer and Associate Director at Harwood Building Control has been elected as the new Chairman of the Association of Consultant Approved Inspectors (ACAI).