• The Butterfly Effect

    Elaine Knutt tries to unpick the dynamics of knowledge transfer in the construction industry and asks where it leaves the idea of the golden thread.
  • CIC welcomes publication of the draft Building Safety Bill

    CIC welcomes the MHCLG's publication of the draft Building Safety Bill, together with its associated guidance and the Home Office's publication of the Fire Safety Consultation. Taken together, CIC believes that the new legislative framework has the potential to deliver the most fundamental improvements to building safety regulation for over 50 years.
  • Saving Face

    The technically challenging practice of façadism divides opinions over the use, conservation and demolition of historic buildings, says James Cash.
  • Click and Collect

    The term housing crisis was in use long before Covid-19 forced everyone to down tools. Off-site construction, modular and prefabricated building could make up for lost time but, as Elaine Knutt asks, is it really that simple?
  • Hand in hand

    Do we really understand all aspects of sustainability and how is academia strengthening this emerging sector? Asks Andrew Pearson.
  • Open and shut case

    In the race to make new builds and existing buildings energy and heat efficient, acoustic, ventilation and thermal comfort practicalities may have been overlooked. As Elaine Knutt discovers, that’s about to change.
  • A new era for fire safety beckons

    Michael Wadood has kindly reproduced his presentation charting some of the UK’s significant fires, government-led reviews and subsequent changes in legislation.
  • Sea change

    Elaine Knutt notes how, post Grenfell, the construction industry’s business as usual attitude has been washed away leaving an earnest desire to improve – but uncertainty about how to do so.
  • Positive discrimination

    Janice Warman makes a business case for diversity, but are there still too many barriers for the industry to realise its potential?
  • Future proof

    When those with construction experience and expertise meet those with digital know-how, amazing things can happen says David Adams.
  • Brave new world

    Long promised as the key to the future of construction and engineering, uptake of digital advances has been thin on the ground, Elaine Knutt explores why.
  • Building to a head

    Janice Warman examines why the industry has such a poor track record on mental health and, importantly, what is being done about it.