• Improving quality in construction

    Alongside the culture changes to safety and competency, Matt Lamy asks where the construction industry is in terms of managing quality and where it should be
  • Where there's smoke

    Passive fire protection is designed to compartmentalise a fire and stop it spreading; however, awareness of different solutions could be better, as Peter Crush reports
  • Keeping an eye on the data gatherers

    Building Engineer speaks to upcoming Webinar Wednesday expert Barry Cope – managing director of the Building Compliance Testers Association Group – about how he is using IT to prevent rogue testers and incorrect data.
  • Amazing buildings

    Denise Chevin and Nick Warburton explore three very different buildings with innovations to inspire and delight.
  • Simple in theory

    Straightforward in its aim, protracted in its realisation, the Procurement Act 2023 is set to come into force this year. Peter Crush reviews its arduous journey.
  • Brave new world

    Modern methods of construction (MMC) have the potential to deliver incredible benefits, but first must prove themselves safe and compliant. Matt Lamy investigates.
  • In search of skills

    How does the construction sector compare when it comes to skills development? And have things become better or worse since the 2016 Farmer Review? Peter Crush reports
  • The long and winding road

    With the UK Prime Minister setting out an amended path to net zero, Matt Lamy asks the experts how this will affect the construction industry and the drive for retrofitting
  • The cosy house

    A Dutch concept for retrofitting homes with off-site components is seizing the imagination of social landlords. Huw Morris reports
  • Expert opinion

    CABE’s Technical Director Richard Harral and CIBSE’s Chief Technical Officer 
    Dr Hywel Davies discuss key challenges for industry professionals following the Building Safety Act 2022 in England (BSA).
  • Spot the difference

    Swapping like-for-like has been a construction industry staple as a way to respond to market forces and keep costs down. However, it isn’t that simple to see what’s missing in products and processes, as Elaine Knutt discovers.
  • Do the right thing

    A recent National House Building Council report has been compiled by asking social housing developers about their hopes and challenges. Peter Crush asks what the future of social housing holds.
  • Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow

    Far-reaching safety legislation and grand ethical aspirations mark a revolution in the industry, but how does it fit with the personal, day-to-day experience of the job? Integrity may seem like a small thing, but it has mighty consequences, as Denise Chevin discovers.