• How to demonstrate competency

    The term competence recurs in building safety reports and new regulations, but what does it really mean in practice, and how will building industry professionals fair under the renewed scrutiny?
  • Project 80: the Future Homes standard

    Dr Tony Hopkin, FCABE CEng, Head of Construction, Quality and Innovation at housing association Midland Heart, discusses Project 80: researching building to the Future Homes Standard
  • Measuring and mitigating city microclimates

    A better understanding of city microclimates and the complex factors that combine to raise temperatures could help town planners and local regulators manage the effects, says James Cash
  • The Building Safety Bill – what it means for you

    Dr Brian Cox CEng FIMechE explains two of the most important measures – the introduction of Accountable Person status and Safety Case Reports – that will come into force when the Building Safety Bill becomes law in 2022.
  • CABE's annual conference report

    CABE’s annual conference proved to be a lively forum for discussion this year. Denise Chevin reports on the views and opinions of the industry leaders who were there
  • From the Earth

    Andy Pearson takes a closer look at an experiment in bioclimatic architecture and construction to produce low-carbon homes

  • Mind the Gap

    James Cash explores an adaptable and sustainable model in affordable housing that could help meet housing targets and revitalise forgotten plots
  • Box of delights

    In its day, Mackintosh’s Hill House was a beacon of modernity, cutting-edge building materials and techniques combined with design flare and style. More than 100 years later, cutting-edge building engineering might just be able to save it, says James Cash.
  • Fearful symmetry

    A report that explores the relationship between the geometry of buildings and its effect on the behaviour of fire has significant interest for built environment professionals. James Cash speaks to the report’s author, Frances Maria Peacock MCABE Chartered Building Engineer
  • Unwinding the knot

    You could argue that product testing has been following ever-decreasing circles, but new regulation and industry efforts focused on safety are set to reform the sector and support broader changes in construction, says James Cash
  • State of the nations

    Andrew Pearson offers a snapshot of some of the common themes and issues that building control bodies are having to overcome in fulfilling their professional duties.
  • Building around people

    Geoffrey Makstutis, Subject Lead for Construction and Art and Design at Pearson, offers an opinion on ethics and asks ‘Who are buildings for?’