• CIC welcomes publication of the draft Building Safety Bill

    CIC welcomes the MHCLG's publication of the draft Building Safety Bill, together with its associated guidance and the Home Office's publication of the Fire Safety Consultation. Taken together, CIC believes that the new legislative framework has the potential to deliver the most fundamental improvements to building safety regulation for over 50 years.
  • Industry working group launches building control regulation proposals

    Leadership organisations from across the building control sector have come together in the ‘Future of building control working group’ to develop 11 key recommendations for the future oversight and regulation of the profession and Building Control Bodies.
  • MHCLG publish Approved Document B revisions and announce remediation funding application process

    The Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick, has published a further update on measures stemming from the Building Safety Programme aimed at ensuring that residents are safe, and feel safe, in their homes.
  • The ties that bind

    Cable collapse under fire conditions has been a significant contributory factor in the death of fire officers. The BRE and IET researched solutions.
  • Fire exit

    Chartered Fire Engineer Jonny Joinson and Jane Simpson, RIBA & NRAC Consultant on accessibility and inclusion, discuss fire evacuation for buildings.
  • A new era for fire safety beckons

    Michael Wadood has kindly reproduced his presentation charting some of the UK’s significant fires, government-led reviews and subsequent changes in legislation.
  • Sea change

    Elaine Knutt notes how, post Grenfell, the construction industry’s business as usual attitude has been washed away leaving an earnest desire to improve – but uncertainty about how to do so.
  • Back to basics

    The original building material has impressive eco credentials, but how safe is timber in construction asks Jeremy English, UK Sales Director of Södra Wood.