• Buzzwords in construction

    Scott Wilson, B&W’s Head of Sustainability, says ‘carbon neutral’ and ‘net zero’ have become buzzwords in the construction industry – but what does it all mean?
  • Nothing wasted, nothing lost

    Finding ways to save the embodied carbon in tall buildings has staggering implications for the net-zero agenda. Denise Chevin discovers what can be achieved.
  • Domestic bliss

    Steel is the go-to solution for challenges in domestic construction, but it’s not without its problems, reports Huw Morris.
  • SuDS and glory

    With the need to implement sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) soon to be a legal requirement in England, ACO has produced a guide covering the principles of sustainable drainage.
  • NHBC notes downturn in building applications

    The National House Building Council (NHBC) has noted that there were 105,449 registers by developers of intent to build in 2023 compared with 189,009 in 2022, with the biggest decrease in the north-west of 61%.
  • Oldham Council's housing pledge

    At its inaugural Housing Roundtable, Oldham Council has pledged to get 500 new social homes built in the borough over the next five years.
  • Improving quality in construction

    Alongside the culture changes to safety and competency, Matt Lamy asks where the construction industry is in terms of managing quality and where it should be
  • Why did the Baltimore bridge collapse so quickly?

    A huge shipping vessel that collided with a major bridge in Baltimore has left numerous people missing has prompted many questions: why did the ship hit with the bridge in the first place? But many of them are structural: how was the ship able to reach the bridge, why was it not protected against such collisions, and why the bridge collapsed so quickly once the collision had happened? We look at what experts around the world are saying.
  • Compounding the issue

    Eric Moussiaux, Vice President Technology at Exel Composites, explains how fire considerations influence composite design.
  • Breezing through

    Matthew Woodhams, Technical Specification Manager at Baumit, looks at why breathable external wall insulation (EWI) offers important benefits for buildings constructed with solid walls.
  • Keeping Tabs

    Franz Huelle, Technical Manager for Building Solutions at REHAU, explains how new technology is helping maximise energy efficiency and keep buildings cool.
  • A new hope

    A Remagin-hosted roundtable discussing the challenges and opportunities of MMC and off-site construction places faith in the next generation.
  • Firm Foundations

    A foundation’s stability can be compromised by water, natural disasters or perhaps just time – Geobond explores common ground stabilisation and repair techniques in modern construction.
  • Brave new world

    Modern methods of construction (MMC) have the potential to deliver incredible benefits, but first must prove themselves safe and compliant. Matt Lamy investigates.
  • Limiting Heat Loss

    Insulation specialist Actis and the Structural Timber Association (STA) have created a technical document to help architects, engineers and builders comply with more stringent building regulations, as well as how to minimise heat loss at junctions, otherwise known as linear thermal bridges.
  • RAAC Funding

    The Manufacturing Technology Centre has secured £3m from Innovate UK to research reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC).