• New regulator at heart of building safety overhaul

    The Building Safety Bill, published on 5 July 2021, will create lasting generational change and set out a clear pathway for the future on how residential buildings should be constructed and maintained.
  • Law and order

    Cintec supports the restoration of the Canadian Parliament Buildings.
  • New house builder code published

    The New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) has published its draft new Code of Practice for house builders for a four-week public consultation (closing 7 July). The New Homes Quality Code aims to address the gaps in existing protections for new-build customers.
  • Accepts Modular homes

    Off-site manufacturer Rollalong has been approved by NHBC Accepts, the industry standard accreditation scheme for the residential housing sector provided by the National House Building Council.
  • Taking stock of house building figures

    Developers and housebuilders warn the government is unlikely to hit its goal of 300,000 new homes built a year by the mid-2020s unless it ups its planning permission numbers.
  • Dancing on the ceiling

    Proteus provided a liquid waterproof membranes solution for an ageing dance studio roof.
  • Designing a mirage

    Steven Soderberg, of Lorin Industries, discusses the use of anodised aluminium on an innovative design for a home in the woods.
  • Cross UK Report 989

    Serious errors were made in the input to a computer program used for designing a retaining wall.
  • Making SAP fit for Net Zero Report

    A collaboration between CIBSE, Elementa, Levitt Bernstein, WSP, UCL, Clarion Housing Group and Etude has produced a report on the future of SAP.
  • Construction Product Availability Statement

    The Construction Leadership Council’s Product Availability working group has painted a picture of the overall product availability in the construction industry.
  • Cross UK Report 829

    A transfer beam supporting a four-storey building was notched to accommodate suspended ceiling fixings
  • What's in a name?

    Stephen Hall, CMF Technical Director, discusses Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Table B3 for loadbearing panelised building systems
  • Life of PO

    After a golden age of market conditions offering affordable coverage, the professional indemnity insurance sector has hit a crisis. The CLC is working to change things
  • Unwinding the knot

    You could argue that product testing has been following ever-decreasing circles, but new regulation and industry efforts focused on safety are set to reform the sector and support broader changes in construction, says James Cash
  • New build ventilation

    Domus Ventilation has released a CPD course that covers important changes to residential ventilation in the new-build sector, namely changes to Part F – ventilation of the Building Regulations, and Part B – fire safety (requirements on the use of combustible material in cavities, which differ across the nations).
  • MMC Taskforce

    The Build Homes, Build Jobs, Build Innovation report called on the government to set a target for 75,000 homes a year to be of modular construction by 2030 – 25% of its overall target of 300,000 homes annually.
  • No meshing

    Danley case study shows how concrete can be used without the traditional mesh reinforcement by combining ground-supported flatwork with tapered plate dowels
  • Character of the Street: A Comparison of The Variation in The Shophouse Façade Along Heeren Street, Melaka.

  • The Effects Of Light Intensity And Temperature Towards East-West Orientation At Putrajaya Office Building, Malaysia

  • Web-Based Communication for Post-Disaster Reconstruction Projects in Southeast Asia