• Room for wellbeing

    Elaine Knutt explores the science of building when the heating, lighting, ventilation and acoustic needs of the occupants are considered.
  • A breath of fresh air

    Andy Pearson explores why air quality is such a divisive urban issue and how new approaches are reinvigorating the ventilation systems in buildings.
  • Let there be light

    Sun pipes are a seemingly simple concept, however, as Steve Brennan at Techcomlight explains, there’s a great deal of science involved.
  • Paving the way

    Sustainability has become the aim for the construction industry but with little government guidance, it is having to find its own path says Phil Sutton, Managing Director of Econpro.

  • Bright and breezy

    Genghis Akay, Director at Planet Partitioning, discusses the importance of acoustics and natural light in the office environment.