• Safety statement

    A joint statement from the Housing Minister Lee Rowley and the Director of Building Safety for the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) Philip White at the GB Health and Safety Executive (HSE) addresses the creation of safety case reports and associated challenges with managing safety in buildings over 18 metres.
  • BSR addresses 'unacceptably high' charges for safety case reports

    The Minister for Housing in the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) and the Director of Building Safety in the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) have published a joint letter directed at registered building managers which is designed to resolve issues that have arisen around safety cases and their reports.
  • Where there's smoke

    Passive fire protection is designed to compartmentalise a fire and stop it spreading; however, awareness of different solutions could be better, as Peter Crush reports
  • Style over safety

    Cooper Reed’s Steve McGrill MCABE Chartered Building Engineer has completed a study into essential fire safety systems in open-plan layouts. Here are his findings.
  • Raising the alarm

    Fire Industry Association’s Will Lloyd and Robert Thilthorpe discuss what fire detection and warning systems should be in place for different types of building with David Adams
  • Why did the Baltimore bridge collapse so quickly?

    A huge shipping vessel that collided with a major bridge in Baltimore has left numerous people missing has prompted many questions: why did the ship hit with the bridge in the first place? But many of them are structural: how was the ship able to reach the bridge, why was it not protected against such collisions, and why the bridge collapsed so quickly once the collision had happened? We look at what experts around the world are saying.
  • History repeats

    The Business Sprinkler Alliance is concerned that lessons aren’t being learned and asks why sprinkler systems aren’t standard in hotels.
  • Video: professional engineering institutes collaborate to create a professional engineering standard

    In the next video in our series of six short videos surrounding the key questions raised in response to changes for those with duty holding responsibilities, former CABE Chief Executive Dr. Gavin Dunn and Fabrick Managing Director David Ing dive into the world of professional engineering collaboration. Discover how leading engineering institutes are coming together to create a new professional standard of excellence for dutyholders working on higher-risk buildings.
  • In case of emergency

    If you have a building that is greater than 18m or one that has at least seven storeys, and contains two or more residential units, then the Building Safety Regulator (BSR) may have already asked you to apply for a building assessment certificate and provide a safety case report.