• MHCLG publish Approved Document B revisions and announce remediation funding application process

    The Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick, has published a further update on measures stemming from the Building Safety Programme aimed at ensuring that residents are safe, and feel safe, in their homes.
  • The ties that bind

    Cable collapse under fire conditions has been a significant contributory factor in the death of fire officers. The BRE and IET researched solutions.
  • Fire exit

    Chartered Fire Engineer Jonny Joinson and Jane Simpson, RIBA & NRAC Consultant on accessibility and inclusion, discuss fire evacuation for buildings.
  • A new era for fire safety beckons

    Michael Wadood has kindly reproduced his presentation charting some of the UK’s significant fires, government-led reviews and subsequent changes in legislation.
  • Sea change

    Elaine Knutt notes how, post Grenfell, the construction industry’s business as usual attitude has been washed away leaving an earnest desire to improve – but uncertainty about how to do so.
  • Back to basics

    The original building material has impressive eco credentials, but how safe is timber in construction asks Jeremy English, UK Sales Director of Södra Wood.