• New regulator at heart of building safety overhaul

    The Building Safety Bill, published on 5 July 2021, will create lasting generational change and set out a clear pathway for the future on how residential buildings should be constructed and maintained.
  • Industry opinion

    Iain Cox, Chair of the Business Sprinkler Alliance, asks if we’re prioritising sustainability over resilience to fire?
  • Fit for purpose

    The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) has launched an awareness campaign, Be Certain,
    Be Certified, to highlight the importance of third-party certification of fire doors in improving fire safety standards across the UK.
  • Fearful symmetry

    A report that explores the relationship between the geometry of buildings and its effect on the behaviour of fire has significant interest for built environment professionals. James Cash speaks to the report’s author, Frances Maria Peacock MCABE Chartered Building Engineer
  • Cross UK Report 66

    Concerns about the fire safety of multi-storey buildings comprising cross-laminated timber (CLT).
  • Fire safety failings

    The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is supporting calls for greater funding to address identified fire safety failings in tall buildings.
  • Fifth element

    Will Wigfield, Product Manager at Rockwool UK, discusses best practice in mitigating the risk of roof fires, focusing on testing procedures and the importance of product certification
  • Fire Safety Regulations: A Comparative Study of Malaysia and England and Wales

  • Fighting for fire safety

    Electrical Safety First’s recent Recharge report notes that electricity is the primary cause of fires in Northern Ireland’s homes and reports on the safety of the housing stock.
  • Who's accountable

    Joe Cilia, Technical Director at FIS, discusses new guidance on firestopping that puts responsibility front and centre
  • Cross Reports: Report 979

    Confidential Reporting of Structural Safety. Report 979: Outdoor video screens.
  • Kingspan K15 Insultation – Retraction of Three Tests

    Frances Kirwan, Deputy Director, Technical Policy Division Building Safety Portfolio at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has written a letter to all Building Control Bodies in England to remind them that Kingspan Insulation Limited has retracted three test reports relating to K15 insulation products.
  • Cross Reports: Report 950

    Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety. Report 950: Inadequate punching shear reinforcement.
  • HSE announces new Chief Inspector of Buildings

    The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has announced the appointment of a Chief Inspector of Buildings to establish and lead the new Building Safety Regulator.
  • Design for life

    Lee James, General Manager, Product Marketing, Nittan Europe, explains what to look for in a fire detection system to provide better through-life value
  • A stitch in time

    Darron Brough, who has worked in the cladding and façade industry for three decades, has created an alternative to the waking watch fire detection system
  • Wales puts safety first

    The Welsh Government has published updated editions of Approved Document B (Fire safety) volumes 1 and 2, including changes to Appendix A (Assessment in lieu of tests) and an updated edition of Regulation 7 (Materials and Workmanship).
  • Skin deep

    Lee Lambley, Technical Director at Weber, advises clients, architects, contractors and product specifiers to look more closely now at the fire safety performance claims of renders than they have in the past
  • Building a Safer Future Charter – CABE Becomes a Registered Signatory

    Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) is pleased to become a Registered Signatory of the Building a Safer Future Charter.
  • Opportunity knocks

    The UK’s construction activity rose sharply in September, according to the IHS Markit/CIPS PMI data, bringing hope for new jobs.