• Circular economy showcase for start-ups

    How can chemical products can be made from renewable electricity, water and carbon dioxide, how can almost 100% of electronic waste can be recycled, and how can food approaching its use-by date still find buyers via an app?
  • Client guide for net zero carbon buildings

    As we all embrace the challenges of delivering net zero carbon buildings by 2050, the London Energy Transformation Initiative’s (LETI) new Client Guide for Net Zero Carbon Buildings pulls together key information from a number of LETI publications and gives advice on how to put the client, and the funders, at the centre of the project and encourages them to commit to a net zero carbon project.
  • CROSS urges reports of climate emergency related safety concerns

    Ahead of the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), taking place in Glasgow later this week, CROSS UK has developed a theme page to allow building professionals to share their experiences of climate emergency related safety issues for others to learn from.
  • New factory for ultra-low carbon modular buildings

    An Oxfordshire business that designs and builds ultra-low-carbon modular buildings has opened a new factory. Green Unit, which started life producing eco-buildings in farm sheds, has found a new home in a converted hangar
  • Home and Away

    The CSIC plans to transform public spaces into sustainable office hubs through MMC
  • A new standard for low carbon retrofit projects

    PAS 2035 ushers in a new standard for low carbon retrofit projects. Stuart Fairlie, Managing Director of Elmhurst Energy, discusses it with Ashley Crawford, Chief Executive of Complete Certification Ltd.
  • A Corking Idea

    Matthew Barnett Howland’s research into sustainable building materials has led him to design and construct a house made from cork blocks
  • Forest Friends

    Biodiversity should be considered at the earliest stages of planning to help reverse habitat decline, says the National House Building Council
  • Save the Newt

    Natural England’s scheme to conserve great crested newts and promote sustainable development
  • Norwegian Wood

    A school to learn in and learn from: how environmentally sound building practices form a key part of education and learning
  • In the Pipeline

    Learn about the growing importance of Environmental Product Declarations in the construction industry, and how they directly affect products selected, with a series of lunchtime webinars from the BPF Pipes Group.
  • Plastic Waste Warning

    The Environment Agency (EA) is becoming increasingly aware that plastic film and wrap from the construction and demolition sector is being illegally exported.
  • #embedsustainability

    To meet the ambitious energy efficiency targets for buildings across the world, the construction industry needs to change the way it thinks about sustainability.