• New energy model

    Associate Director Emma MacLeod of HDR | Hurley Palmer Flatt discusses developing the energy strategy of Aberdeen’s Event Complex.
  • School project

    Energys Group’s LED upgrade at Leytonstone School promises carbon reductions of nearly 25 tonnes per year.
  • Into the sun

    David Hulme, Technical Director at Square 4 Services, discusses the considerations and complexities of integrating solar PV into commercial properties and offers a best practice case study.
  • Changing the nature of heating

    IOBAC’s CEO Paul Woolvine discusses the need to make big, long-term changes to the way we power and heat our homes.
  • The heat is on

    Phil Hurley, Vice-Chair of the Heat Pump Association, explains the technology behind heat pumps and why heat pumps will lead the way in reducing carbon emissions.