• Become a Chartered Environmentalist

    There has never been a better time to become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). Join a growing community of expert environmental professionals today.
  • Shared Warmth

    The Regional Performance Centre (RPC) Dundee at Caird Park, Dundee, is a community hub that is the beginning of a district heating revolution for the area
  • Surface value

    Walls of glass and stainless-steel façades have become a regular fixture in city skylines, but beyond their beauty there is an ecological functionality
  • Short Circuit

    Jayson Whitaker, Managing Director of Energy Assets Networks, said “While everyone welcomes the move to low-carbon technologies, there is also a growing realisation that local power networks may not be able to cope with the huge increase in demand for electricity as we transition to electric vehicle (EV) charging, particularly when you add in the impact of air source heat pumps.”
  • Industry opinion

    We need all options on the table to enable green developments says Stora Enso’s
    R&D Director Matthew Linegar
  • New Power Generation

    University scientists have been working with Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse within the framework of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research (SCCER), together with industrial partners, to investigate whether electricity can be stored in rock caverns in the form of compressed air.
  • Green Home Grants

    The government has asked tradespeople to sign up to the TrustMark accreditation scheme ahead of the September of the £2bn Green Homes Grant scheme in England.
  • Preserving the Past

    A restoration project on a unique church in Everton is challenging today’s professionals to rethink what they know.
  • Living history

    The award-winning Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre is a fine example of sustainable conservation
  • Heating trials

    Can customers be persuaded to view heat as another supplied utility rather than as the result of supplied utilities? An energy research company and two British energy firms decided to find out.
  • Hand in hand

    Do we really understand all aspects of sustainability and how is academia strengthening this emerging sector? Asks Andrew Pearson.
  • Blue sky thinking

    Polypipe is acknowledged as a Green Champion for its intelligent, water-management roofing system
  • Open and shut case

    In the race to make new builds and existing buildings energy and heat efficient, acoustic, ventilation and thermal comfort practicalities may have been overlooked. As Elaine Knutt discovers, that’s about to change.
  • Pooled knowledge

    Isle’s Technology Consultant Sylvia Schuster explains why managing the effects of climate change requires urban transformation, specifically for water management
  • Better living through chemistry

    Ben Green, Divisional Marketing Manager for Alumasc, discusses the installation
    of its carbon dioxide-neutralising roofing at Nottingham Trent University
  • Through the roof

    Paul Trace from Stella Rooflight offers guidance on the thermal performance (U-values) of rooflights and what to look out for in the specification process
  • To the lighthouse

    Stora Enso’s LightHouse project in Joensuu shines a light on the use of wood to reduce the construction industry’s CO2 emissions
  • Dumb cities

    Amy Flemming makes a case in The Guardian for cities to embrace an anthropological approach to planning that works with nature, instead of embracing smart systems.