• Concrete Profiling

    What are the best techniques for concrete profiling? Claude Besson, Manager for France at National Flooring Equipment, explains.
  • Metsa Wood

    The Finnish Embassy in Tokyo gets the Metsä Wood makeover in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2021.
  • Modular Construction

    MPA Group explores how modular construction is helping to solve the UK housing crisis.
  • Best Practice Off-site

    Kevin Bohea, Managing Director of Stormking, discusses best practice for off-site building.
  • Off-Site Pipework

    Off-site construction methods can bring huge benefits to a build, as demonstrated by the use of Polybutylene pipework in this 65-apartment conversion project in Glasgow.
  • Beauty Matters - Architectural Design

    Beauty Matters: Human Judgement and the Pursuit of New Beauties in Post-Digital Architecture (Architectural Design) examines the role of beauty in architecture. In this extract, world-renowned Architect Kazuyo Sejima discusses her work.
  • Lining Up - Alignment Washers

    Alignment washers can provide a cost-effective fixing solution for curtain wall applications, says Steve Parkes of TFC.
  • Preserving the Past

    A restoration project on a unique church in Everton is challenging today’s professionals to rethink what they know.
  • Station Renovation

    The renovation of Leeds Station will be a revelation for its annual influx of 30 million passengers.
  • On top of the world

    Brighton College boasts an aspirational state-of-the-art building for science and sport with a running track on its roof. Ilyass Meslek, the CCL engineer who designed the acoustic bearings, discusses the technical elements of the project.
  • Brutalism Reimagined

    Brutalism meets modern aesthetics in the regeneration of a landmark building, says façade supplier Proteus SC.
  • Reclaiming the land

    Building on brownfield land means preparation and clever design.
  • Placemaking - Brownfield Regeneration

    Architect Alec Borrill discusses an ambitious project to reclaim Leven Road Gasworks
    and revive a sense of community.
  • Legal view: hybrid contracts

    The question of construction operations or non-construction operations is discussed by Partner and London Dispute Resolution Co-head Rebecca Williams and Senior Associate Alexander Creswick of Watson Farley & Williams.
  • Defying Gravity

    Stonemasons Ian Knapper created a floating stone staircase for a historic house renovation.
  • Set for change

    Nina Cardinal, National Technical Manager at Hanson Cement, discusses how cement and concrete can be more eco-friendly.
  • Heating trials

    Can customers be persuaded to view heat as another supplied utility rather than as the result of supplied utilities? An energy research company and two British energy firms decided to find out.
  • Science of the future

    Ben Venktash, independent Building Environment Services Engineer in the US, discusses the fantastic possibilities of state-of-the-art ventilation systems.
  • Blue sky thinking

    Polypipe is acknowledged as a Green Champion for its intelligent, water-management roofing system
  • Living history

    The award-winning Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre is a fine example of sustainable conservation