• Sound advice

    David Ford, Compliance Lead at contractor accreditation scheme CHAS, highlights seven areas to focus on to prevent work-related hearing loss
  • Sensing change

    Stacey Lucas, Commercial and Marketing Director at Sontay, explains how the use of building sensors can optimise energy performance in properties of all ages
  • A path less trodden

    Rachael Groves has just become Contracts Manager at Ambar Kelly – a far cry from where she began
  • Cross UK Report 829

    A transfer beam supporting a four-storey building was notched to accommodate suspended ceiling fixings
  • Cross UK Report 826

    A number of construction defects were found in a hospital following the inspection of the external wall system
  • Noise patrol

    Wavin’s Karen Stables explains how commercial building engineers need to consider the acoustics of wastewater systems
  • What's in a name?

    Stephen Hall, CMF Technical Director, discusses Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Table B3 for loadbearing panelised building systems
  • Big brother

    Salman Chaudhary, CEO at EmpiricAI, considers the role of computer vision AI in returning sites to full productivity and improving health and safety
  • Life of PO

    After a golden age of market conditions offering affordable coverage, the professional indemnity insurance sector has hit a crisis. The CLC is working to change things
  • Student forum

    John Barfoot, CABE’s Learning, Education and Academic Director, is tired of talking about the skills gap and says it’s time for action
  • Fit for purpose

    Ben Stagg MCABE Chartered Building Engineer of Stagg Architects discusses the challenges of a retrofit and refurbish, with CABE’s HQ as a case study
  • Striving for excellence

    Past visitors to CABE’s Lutyens House headquarters may have noticed that the facilities had seen better days.
  • Cross UK Report 66

    Concerns about the fire safety of multi-storey buildings comprising cross-laminated timber (CLT).
  • Game changers

    Futurebuild asks industry leaders what products are changing, or will change, the face of the built environment.
  • One size fits all?

    An innovative energy measurement system helps social landlords assess the refurbishment needs of individual properties
  • T2 judgement day

    This AI solution detects, classifies and monitors the deterioration of building envelopes and infrastructure
  • The ins and outs

    Increased uptake of MMC and off-site construction means that manufacturing technologies are becoming more relevant to construction quality. Brian Vince, TFC’s Group Quality Manager, shares common fastener problems and how to avoid them
  • It's more than winning an award

    The CABE Built Environment Awards are a marker of dedication to the industry and construction community.
  • Fifth element

    Will Wigfield, Product Manager at Rockwool UK, discusses best practice in mitigating the risk of roof fires, focusing on testing procedures and the importance of product certification
  • Applicance of science

    Stroma’s Martin Holt discusses the use of technology in construction industries – or rather, its practical application as opposed to whimsy about its possibilities