• Safety at Practice

    Victaulic’s Shaun Hughes says using the most suitable pipework connection methods can boost safety throughout the three stages of a project’s life-cycle: pre-site, on-site and post-site
  • Mind Over Matter

    Steph Palmer, Training Officer at BriggsAmasco, says Covid-19 is even more reason to pay attention to your mental health
  • Hot Work Woes

    More than a quarter of all accidental fires on construction sites are sparked by hot work. It’s a figure that can be drastically reduced, says insurer Zurich
  • Source and Control

    Individuals working with metalworking fluids as part of their day-to-day role risk developing a host of respiratory illnesses. SOCOTEC says best practice reduces that risk
  • Heavy Load

    Dave Cooper, Managing Director of independent lift consultants LECS (UK), looks at the life-cycle of a lift’s operations, documentation, legal obligations and standards
  • Cut It Out

    Michael Brown from Metal and Modular, discusses the need to reduce exposure to noise, airborne particles and vibration at installation sites
  • Cross Reports - Report 921

    Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety. Report 921: Fire protection of mixed hot/cold rolled steel structure
  • Crash Course

    ESAB explains the four main techniques used in the often overlooked skill of welding
  • Building Safety Reform

    Glyn Thomas FCABE, Managing Director for Premier Guarantee Building Control, discusses proposals to transform the way new high-rise residential buildings are treated
  • Smart Safety

    The future of safety for building engineers and construction workers lies with technology, says Tended CEO Leo Scott Smith
  • Ask First

    Anthony Culshaw, Technical Director at Britlift Ltd, discusses the safety issues of lifting modular homes, container structures and pre-cast components
  • Better Safe Than Sorry

    Stella Rooflight’s Paul Trace talks steel rooflights, specifications, rust and maintenance considerations
  • Storing Up Problems

    An RCPCH report underlines the importance of indoor air quality and suggests all built environment agencies invest in public health
  • Help is at Hand

    Mental health first aid trainer Sally Desborough discusses the difference that having this on-site can make
  • Lighting Checklist

    Steve Gardner, Managing Director of Ecolighting UK, says poor lighting can put the health of the workforce at risk
  • Help or Hindrance?

    Jamie Davis discusses whether the EWS1 form is being used correctly
  • Concrete Profiling

    What are the best techniques for concrete profiling? Claude Besson, Manager for France at National Flooring Equipment, explains.
  • Metsa Wood

    The Finnish Embassy in Tokyo gets the Metsä Wood makeover in time for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2021.
  • Modular Construction

    MPA Group explores how modular construction is helping to solve the UK housing crisis.
  • Best Practice Off-site

    Kevin Bohea, Managing Director of Stormking, discusses best practice for off-site building.