• Plan, do, review

    The Design Quality Indicator for Health – improving design quality in healthcare buildings – has been updated, explains the Construction Industry Council’s DQI Manager, Makis Peppas.
  • Cross Report - Report 886

    Confidential Reporting of Structural Safety. Report 886: Unconservative design of flat slab.
  • Come together

    Douglas Morrison’s role as Director of Operations and Skills at the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre shows the importance of education and innovation.
  • Great outdoors

    NatureScot notes that visits to urban greenspace soared during the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating the importance of green infrastructure for health and wellbeing
  • Industry Opinion

    Gerard Toplass, Executive Chair of framework provider Pagabo, believes that procurement should have a gold standard.
  • Who's accountable

    Joe Cilia, Technical Director at FIS, discusses new guidance on firestopping that puts responsibility front and centre
  • Plotting a course

    Capita’s Patrick Cunningham FCABE discusses sanctions and risk in a new era for statutory control of buildings
  • The lie of the land

    Catriona Rowbotham Garden Design has a plan for landscaping CABE HQ that has an eye on the wider context of climate change
  • Cross Reports: Report 979

    Confidential Reporting of Structural Safety. Report 979: Outdoor video screens.
  • Building future standards

    Andrew Pearson explores the consultation response on Parts L and F of the Building Regulations
  • Blindsided by COVID

    Could the creation of Covid-safe environments be creating a less inclusive environment, excluding some of the people it is supposed to protect?
  • The four dimensions of industrial construction

    An EY white paper by Eric Ottinger ACABE, Harshit Minglani, Mark Gibson and Amanda Alexander examines changing building practices
  • Build back greener

    Ibrahim Imam, co-founder of PlanRadar, says the UK’s green recovery hinges on construction embracing technology.
  • Keeping the faith

    David Millward, Group Product Manager at Elta Group, discusses how building engineers can help to restore trust in the ventilation systems of public buildings.
  • Damp down

    Corksol UK has a sustainable solution for tackling damp in commercial and residential buildings.
  • Be mindful

    The global pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues. These won’t just go away on their own so CHAS and Benenden Health have some practical strategies to help
  • Clip and build

    Who exactly are the building safety managers – the new professional role safeguarding HRRBs that has emerged from the plethora of reviews, working groups and consultations produced since the Grenfell tragedy? Elaine Knutt reports
  • Cross Reports: Report 950

    Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety. Report 950: Inadequate punching shear reinforcement.
  • Industry Opinion

    Stuart Fairlie MCABE believes the new energy standards are a jab in the arm for low-carbon living – and there’s no time like the present for getting ready
  • How COVID changed the world

    James Cash uses London as an exemplar to ask: what will be the pandemic’s legacy for the places in which we work, live and play?