• Anxiety UK and CABE Benevolent Fund

    CABE Benevolent Fund exists to support CABE members and over the years it has helped hundreds of applicants in financial distress
  • Back to work?

    Sleep pods, fresh fruit and discount gym deals can attract reluctant working-from-home workers back to offices to boost struggling high streets after lockdown and adapt to the new era of remote working, says Rob Diamond, one of the first people in the UK to achieve the new international WELL Accredited Professional qualification.
  • Great outdoors

    NatureScot notes that visits to urban greenspace soared during the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating the importance of green infrastructure for health and wellbeing
  • Wellbeing support

    A survey of UK employers and employees by not-for-profit healthcare provider Benenden Health revealed that 32% of construction, engineering and building firms had experience of an employee leaving their company because they felt their mental wellbeing wasn’t being cared for.
  • Blindsided by COVID

    Could the creation of Covid-safe environments be creating a less inclusive environment, excluding some of the people it is supposed to protect?
  • Keeping the faith

    David Millward, Group Product Manager at Elta Group, discusses how building engineers can help to restore trust in the ventilation systems of public buildings.
  • Damp down

    Corksol UK has a sustainable solution for tackling damp in commercial and residential buildings.
  • Be mindful

    The global pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues. These won’t just go away on their own so CHAS and Benenden Health have some practical strategies to help
  • Duty of care

    Building owners have a responsibility to manage the risk from asbestos in their premises. Developing the asbestos plan for Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, provides an overview of typical considerations
  • Designing for longer lives

    Architect Julia Park, Head of Housing Research at Levitt Bernstein and Associate Director for Homes at the Centre for Ageing Better, makes the case for accessible housing to be more than an afterthought
  • Vapour trails

    Ryan Stanley, Moisture Control Sales & Product Manager, Northern Europe, at Aggreko, explains why humidity is unwanted on-site and how to avoid common errors in its removal
  • Accessing accessible housing

    Richard Harral, CABE’s Technical Director, says that building more accessible housing is vital, but that is only part of the story
  • The whole truth

    US-based forensic engineer James P Waltz FCABE discusses what forensics mean in the built environment.
  • Building safety in Wales

    “A home is somewhere you should feel safe,” begins the cabinet statement on building safety funding in Wales by Julie James, Minister for Housing and Local Government. It continues to state that many living in high-rise properties are concerned about potential building defects, which pose fire and broader health and safety risks.
  • Changing places

    Andy Lowe FCABE, Building Control Director at Bureau Veritas, examines the amends to Building Regulations that will make it compulsory to provide toilets for severely disabled people in many non-domestic buildings.
  • Finding your path

    The CAE Pathways is a new 12-month programme created by the Centre for Accessible Environments (CAE) to give the confidence, skills and support to anyone living with a disability to begin a career in inclusive design and access.
  • CABE Building Health, Safety & Wellbeing Award

    Winner CR Construction Company Limited for One Hennessy, Hong Kong, for its commitment to exemplary health, safety and wellbeing management in the construction industry.
  • Report 902 - Unauthorised structural alterations to accomodate drain pipes

    On a recent project under construction, a reporter became aware of cases where main structural steel sections were “butchered” to accommodate plastic foul drainage runs. Flanges and webs were compromised significantly. This was a BIM project and the clashes should have been picked up, but much of the detailing was passed down the supply chain to sub-contractors who had no BIM capability, meaning that the co-ordination of some key elements was not properly carried out in advance of construction.
  • Living walls

    Lea Ackerman, Marketing Co-ordinator at US company GSky, says car parks need not be the epitome of the concrete jungle.
  • Mind Over Matter

    Steph Palmer, Training Officer at BriggsAmasco, says Covid-19 is even more reason to pay attention to your mental health