• CABE LIVE: Day two round-up

    Last month, from 5-6 December, CABE and CIBSE joined forces for a free, two-day technical symposium and exhibition. Here's a round-up of the second day of speakers.
  • CABE LIVE lands in London

    Earlier this month, CABE and CIBSE joined forces for a free, two-day technical symposium and exhibition at London’s ExCel.
  • CROSSUK - Report 1224

    Collaborative reporting for safer structures. Report 1224: RAAC assessment undertaken by persons not suitably experienced. A poor reinforced aerated autoclaved concrete (RAAC) assessment potentially put building users at risk from RAAC plank failures.
  • Unwanted legacy

    Asbestos-related diseases still claim 5,000 deaths every year, yet 11% of workers in the building industry aren’t sure what asbestos is. A campaign from HSE aims to raise awareness for younger workers who may not be as informed of the dangers.
  • Facing facts

    It’s fair to say that we are in the midst of a mental health crisis. While significant global factors have caused it (and these factors are not easily solved), we need to be honest about our health if we are to make strides to recognise and tackle it.
  • Built Environment series lands in Wales

    Last Wednesday (22 June) saw the continuation of CABE’s Built Environment series, with the CABE team, members and experts alike gathering at Cardiff Metropolitan University for Built Environment Wales.
  • Knowledge is power

    As the Social Housing Regulation Bill (including Awaab’s Law) is due to be considered in the House of Lords, MCABE Chartered Building Engineer Nigel J Wakefield discusses the causes and treatment of mould.
  • Forewarned is forearmed

    This year’s earthquakes in Turkey and Syria highlighted how disaster can strike at any minute. Yet catastrophes come in many guises, from global to local. Huw Morris reports on a new mindset to help built environment professionals
  • Force of Nature

    Dr Haris Alexakis, Lecturer in Civil Engineering at Aston University’s College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, has worked for ten years in Greece as a Chartered Structural Engineer designing and retrofitting structures to make them earthquake-resistant
  • Cross UK Report 1161

    Collaborative reporting for safer structures. Report 1161 Corrosion concerns on a pedestrian bridge
  • Cross UK Report 1156

    Collaborative reporting for safer structures. Report 1156 Junction of 14 partitioning walls and ceilings.
  • Plans to invest in schools 'must go further'

    Following the Department of Education (DfE) plans to invest in school buildings in England, Alex Green of the Let’s Go Zero campaign said: “We can’t just be replacing like for like. We need to see robust plans from DfE for future-proofing schools.
  • Non-compliant PPE warning

    The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is warning those in charge of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety product procurement to be vigilant about substandard products.