• Radon gas: silent killer

    Radon gas is little known in the UK,but still presents a threat. Swedish-based detection laboratory Radonova explains radon exposure levels.
  • IPCC Report

    It is clear from the latest [International Panel on Climate Change: IPCC] report that our economic and political systems are failing at the most basic level of protecting citizens, future generations and the web of life on which we depend.
  • What lies beneath

    James Dodgson, SOCOTEC UK, explores the challenges when duty holders limit the scope of intrusive work during refurbishment surveys.
  • Break the chain

    Jayne Hall, Immediate-Past President of CABE, discusses signs of slavery in the supply chain.
  • Planning gateway one

    The Building Safety Bill this year will establish a new building safety regime in England. As a first step, there are a number of new requirements for the planning system (referred to as planning gateway one).
  • Sound advice

    David Ford, Compliance Lead at contractor accreditation scheme CHAS, highlights seven areas to focus on to prevent work-related hearing loss
  • Be water safe

    WaterSafe is advising building owners and landlords as well managers of public buildings and hotels that have been empty or underoccupied during lockdown to risk assess their drinking water system before they reopen.
  • Cross UK Report 826

    A number of construction defects were found in a hospital following the inspection of the external wall system
  • Big brother

    Salman Chaudhary, CEO at EmpiricAI, considers the role of computer vision AI in returning sites to full productivity and improving health and safety
  • Back to work?

    Sleep pods, fresh fruit and discount gym deals can attract reluctant working-from-home workers back to offices to boost struggling high streets after lockdown and adapt to the new era of remote working, says Rob Diamond, one of the first people in the UK to achieve the new international WELL Accredited Professional qualification.
  • Great outdoors

    NatureScot notes that visits to urban greenspace soared during the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating the importance of green infrastructure for health and wellbeing
  • Wellbeing support

    A survey of UK employers and employees by not-for-profit healthcare provider Benenden Health revealed that 32% of construction, engineering and building firms had experience of an employee leaving their company because they felt their mental wellbeing wasn’t being cared for.
  • Blindsided by COVID

    Could the creation of Covid-safe environments be creating a less inclusive environment, excluding some of the people it is supposed to protect?
  • Keeping the faith

    David Millward, Group Product Manager at Elta Group, discusses how building engineers can help to restore trust in the ventilation systems of public buildings.
  • Damp down

    Corksol UK has a sustainable solution for tackling damp in commercial and residential buildings.
  • Be mindful

    The global pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues. These won’t just go away on their own so CHAS and Benenden Health have some practical strategies to help
  • Duty of care

    Building owners have a responsibility to manage the risk from asbestos in their premises. Developing the asbestos plan for Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, provides an overview of typical considerations