• False economy

    Mark Beard, Executive Chair of Beard, argues that if procurement standards were higher, the industry would be forced to work harder and do better.
  • The briefing

    News and views from the industry. Leading the way in the crisis. As the situation changes on a daily basis, you can keep up to date with developments from a trusted source at cbuilde.com.
  • Design for the Mind

    BSI’s Robert Turpin asserts that inclusivity and accessibility in the built environment needs to consider neurodiversity.
  • Coronavirus and construction

    Employers and contractors have much to consider when trying to mitigate the effects of coronavirus on business.
  • Building to a head

    Janice Warman examines why the industry has such a poor track record on mental health and, importantly, what is being done about it.
  • Smart thinking

    Planet Smart City offers a case study of Smart City Laguna where digital, social and building innovations meet.
  • Good vibrations

    Board member of the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC), Mark Scaife, discusses the importance of acoustics, noise and vibration on wellbeing in schools, hospitals and the workplace.
  • Noise nuisance

    Peter Wilson, Echo Barrier’s Technical Director, explains how adhering to Building Regulations alone will not protect hearing and neither will it design out all unwanted noise.
  • Reversing the stereotype

    Russell Stilwell, Managing Director of MEP specialists RSE, discusses why he’s championing good mental health.
  • The power of conversation

    Sally Orton, HR Manager at Plastic Surgeon, discusses how the mental health of those in the construction industry can be better protected.
  • Duty of care

    Barry Stanton, Partner at law firm Boyes Turner, offers a legal view on workplace wellbeing for the building and construction sector.