• Decarbonising heat

    The Heat Pump Association (HPA) has launched a five-clear-steps Training Strategy for plumbing and heating engineers to support the wider adoption of heat pumps throughout the UK building stock.
  • Sixth sense

    Stacey Lucas, Commercial and Marketing Director at Sontay, explores how smart sensor technology can improve the indoor environment and create healthier, more energy-efficient buildings
  • Technologial advancements disrupting the global construction industry

    This extract from an EY white paper, co-authored by US-based CABE member Eric Ottinger ACABE, discusses how technology can increase a building’s efficiencies – including sustainability – and bring a critical business advantage
  • Affordable and accessible

    In September the Housing Secretary announced new investment to help the country “build back better”, including homes for social rent to help the most vulnerable.
  • Building regulations consultation

    The Department of Finance has launched a consultation on amending Building Regulations and associated technical booklets in relation to external fire spread on buildings.
  • Clear skies

    Aerial mapping company Bluesky International has capitalised on the recent Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent airspace restrictions to capture in excess of 130,000km2 across the UK and Ireland
  • Supporting the world

    Honeywell has reimagined the Atlas Building, a 1960s university building that has been brought up to date
  • Smart Safety

    The future of safety for building engineers and construction workers lies with technology, says Tended CEO Leo Scott Smith
  • Beauty Matters - Architectural Design

    Beauty Matters: Human Judgement and the Pursuit of New Beauties in Post-Digital Architecture (Architectural Design) examines the role of beauty in architecture. In this extract, world-renowned Architect Kazuyo Sejima discusses her work.
  • 2020 Vision

    How to undertake and interpret thermal imaging
  • Blueprint for construction products

    At the NBS Construction Product Leaders’ Summit, Dame Judith Hackitt noted that the construction supply chain must change to take maximum advantage of digital technology and made it clear construction materials manufacturers must improve their standards, processes and digital toolkit.
  • Living lab

    Scottish energy firm Biskit Controls has become the latest business to demonstrate an innovation in the Energy System Catapult’s 100-home Living Lab.
  • Chicken and EEGS

    Engineers are encouraging children to explore STEM-related careers through grant scheme.
  • Future proof

    When those with construction experience and expertise meet those with digital know-how, amazing things can happen says David Adams.
  • Brave new world

    Long promised as the key to the future of construction and engineering, uptake of digital advances has been thin on the ground, Elaine Knutt explores why.
  • BIM benefits

    Gary Pattison, Certification Technical Expert – BIM & Digital Construction at BSI notes the challenges and benefits of digital transformation.
  • Off the grid

    Advances in information sharing technology are enabling good use of digital data to support construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Testing your metal

    Innovative and affordable technologies have enabled deployment of the UK’s first remote monitoring system for galvanic cathodic protection (CP) applications.
  • Digital stream

    93% of people in the construction and building industry say that digital affects every part of the build process from buying products to the development and construction stage, so how is that manifesting in real terms?
  • The smart option

    Sensor-driven, real-time connections between locations and their digital twin offer a new age of building automation. But will construction and building managers see it as a chance to add value?