• Tune in

    Digital construction data platform NBS has launched a new Podcast series – Digital Construction Conversations.
  • Cloud atlas

    ​​​​​​​Dr Jozef Doboš, CEO of 3D Repo, shares ten legal considerations for construction cloud computing, including cyber security.
  • Free 3D

    Engineers have access to a new, simple and secure platform, 3D Send, to share and view 3D models without downloading them or installing software.
  • Inspection app

    NHBC, the UK’s warranty and insurance provider for new homes, has announced a new Technology Assisted Inspection app.
  • Fear of change

    The Connected Enterprise report by Sigma Dynamics revealed that outdated attitudes towards technology among facilities management business leaders are at risk of jeopardising future business survival.
  • A potential of 3D printing

    Enrico Borgarello, Director of Global Product Innovation at HeidelbergCement, discusses supplying the material for Germany’s first 3D-printed residential building
  • Zen and the art of lift maintenance

    Tek Hussein, Head of Technical at WeMaintain, runs through some common issues with lifts
  • Silver Lining

    Patrick Scannell, Senior Project Manager at Buildots, asks if Covid-19 will prove a catalyst for change in construction.
  • Earthquake forecasting

    Naturally-formed balancing boulders could be used to help scientists to forecast large earthquakes more precisely. Precariously balanced rocks (PBRs) are found throughout the world (characterised by a slender boulder on a pedestal boulder) and have survived earthquake shaking over thousands of years
  • Digital Systems

    To accelerate and streamline its operations, contractor Sir Robert McAlpine has adopted a common data environment (CDE) from SaaS provider Business Collaborator (BC), now part of Bentley Systems. It will drive end-to-end project and asset information management across new projects, and enable a single, unique data source to be accessed by Sir Robert McAlpine and its supply chain partners. 
  • Immune Building Standard

    Liviu Tudor, President of the European Property Federation, has studied infection control measures in hospitals and created an open source platform for assessing and improving a building’s operations in response to Covid-19.
  • Decarbonising heat

    The Heat Pump Association (HPA) has launched a five-clear-steps Training Strategy for plumbing and heating engineers to support the wider adoption of heat pumps throughout the UK building stock.
  • Sixth sense

    Stacey Lucas, Commercial and Marketing Director at Sontay, explores how smart sensor technology can improve the indoor environment and create healthier, more energy-efficient buildings
  • Technologial advancements disrupting the global construction industry

    This extract from an EY white paper, co-authored by US-based CABE member Eric Ottinger ACABE, discusses how technology can increase a building’s efficiencies – including sustainability – and bring a critical business advantage
  • Affordable and accessible

    In September the Housing Secretary announced new investment to help the country “build back better”, including homes for social rent to help the most vulnerable.
  • Building regulations consultation

    The Department of Finance has launched a consultation on amending Building Regulations and associated technical booklets in relation to external fire spread on buildings.
  • Clear skies

    Aerial mapping company Bluesky International has capitalised on the recent Covid-19 lockdown and subsequent airspace restrictions to capture in excess of 130,000km2 across the UK and Ireland
  • Supporting the world

    Honeywell has reimagined the Atlas Building, a 1960s university building that has been brought up to date
  • Smart Safety

    The future of safety for building engineers and construction workers lies with technology, says Tended CEO Leo Scott Smith
  • Beauty Matters - Architectural Design

    Beauty Matters: Human Judgement and the Pursuit of New Beauties in Post-Digital Architecture (Architectural Design) examines the role of beauty in architecture. In this extract, world-renowned Architect Kazuyo Sejima discusses her work.